Microsoft 365 Backup

A common misconception is that Microsoft backup M365 data as part of your subscription, but this is not the case. Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure but backing up your data remains your responsibility.

To ensure your data is protected, it’s crucial to implement a reliable solution to back up your entire Microsoft 365 suite from mailboxes to SharePoint and OneDrive. By using Ekco Microsoft 365 Backup, risks are mitigated, and you enjoy the peace of mind that you can restore data when needed.

Why back up Microsoft 365 data?

To be clear, Microsoft 365 is not inherently unsafe and does offer some level of protection however once data is deleted (mistakenly or otherwise), the clock starts ticking before it’s gone forever. We know the average length of time from data compromise to discovery is over 140 days, yet default settings for Office 365 only protect for 30-90 days.

With Ekco’s Microsoft 365 Backup, you can ensure data is retained for as long as you want it. Put simply, backing up your data mitigates risks and ensures peace of mind that you’ll be able to restore when needed.

What exactly does Microsoft back up? 

What exactly does Ekco back up?

Benefits of Ekco’s Backup for Microsoft 365

  • Peace of Mind. Mitigate the impact of data loss by recovering lost data quickly, all while having a complete overview of the status of your backups.
  • Cost Effective. Ekco’s subscription based pricing model is simple, predictable and can be scaled up or down based on your business requirements and you only pay for what you configure.
  • Remain Compliant. Meet minimum legal requirements for data retention.
  • 100% Ransomware Proof. Unlike standard Microsoft 365, Ekco offers a bulk point-in-time restore option meaning you have no protection from ransomware as standard.
  • Retain data forever. Not just the standard retention periods with Microsoft (30 days for email, 90 days for SharePoint)
  • Secure access to backup data. Administrative access to Ekco’s infrastructure is controlled through role-based access and centralised account management that provides improved monitoring of accounts and access. Ekco’s engineering teams proactively monitor and maintain the infrastructure 24/7.