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Effortless password security for your business

When 80% of breaches are due to passwords, people’s own password practices remain the weakest point in a company’s security and may be putting sensitive data at risk.

LastPass is the only solution that can remove
the password from the employee login experience, while managing every single password in use through password management.

LastPass Business simplifies and secures employee access for a more productive workforce while keeping your business safe.

Here’s why you should choose LastPass Business:

5 Reasons Why LastPass Business Beats the Competition

Managed IT Security

Optimal balance of experience and security

70,000 customers agree that LastPass makes it easy...

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Granular control is total control

With over 100 customizable policies – 7 times more policies than the competition – LastPass offers complete control.

Simplified password sharing

Flexible, safe way to share access to apps without sacrificing accountability or security.

The highest level of customer support

Our dedicated Customer Success Managers and on-demand educational resources help at every step.

case management

Built on a zero-knowledge security model

No one knows your Master Password, not even us. You are always in control of your data.

Eliminate risk. Eliminate frustration. Eliminate passwords for employees.

Every weak password introduces risk into the company.

  • 80% of breaches are the result of weak, reused or compromised passwords.
  • Password sharing and reuse remains a common practice in most businesses, with employees reusing one password an average of 13 times.
  • Employees at small businesses have an average of 85 passwords to manage.

From manual password resets to locked accounts, passwords cause frustration and increased IT costs.

  • 4 hours per week are spent on password management-related issues alone, including 96 password-related requests per month.
  • The average employee actively uses
    36 cloud services at work.
  • 34% experience lost or stolen password credentials monthly.

Enter Passwordless Authentication


Passwordless authentication removes the password from the employee's login experience – a more streamlined and secure way for users to log into all their work.


This doesn't mean passwords are going away, it means the password is working behind the scenes and employees never need to type them.


57% of global businesses have employees using MFA, up 12% from 2018.


36% of IT pros see implementing biometric MFA as a priority.

Why go passwordless?

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