Managed IT Security

Protect your business from malicious actors. Our suite of services work together to provide total support.

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In a survey in 2018, 61% of Irish businesses reported being a victim of cybercrime in the last two years. 

Attacks are no longer limited to large organisations. Cybercriminals are deliberately attacking small and medium-sized businesses because they believe they are more vulnerable to being compromised.

eXpd8’s IT research team have put together a suite of best-in-class products that work together to protect your business from attack. These products will be tailored to the size, IT set-up and needs of your organisation.

Our Managed Services offering include continuous, proactive monitoring of your security environment, regular status reports and step-by-step support if you come under attack. We can also provide training for your team in order to help them identify and avoid phishing attacks and other common scams.

eXpd8 Managed Security Services

Powerful solutions you can rely on to keep your business safe.

IT Security Firewall


Protect against malicious intrusions, viruses, spyware, encrypted attacks and more. Our solution uses machine learning to examine every byte of data going in and out of your network - without slowing your system down in any way.

eXpd8 will custom design your firewall according to security best practice and your company policies. We provide support, comprehensive reporting/ data analysis and vulnerability analysis to ensure that your firewall is always functioning at its best.

Anti Virus

Anti Virus as a Service​

Keep your devices, file storage and servers safe from attack. Our solution will protect you from targeted attacks, ransomware, fileless attacks and more.

eXpd8's Managed Service provides automated updates, so that your anti-virus is always up to date. Our monitoring services look at the health of your endpoints and storage systems in real time, proactively solving any identified issues and informing you of areas where your system requires optimisation.

backup as a service

Managed Online Back-Up​

If you lose your data for any reason - hackers, rogue employees, physical disasters - you need to get up and running again as soon as possible.

With our Managed Online Back-Up you can restore data on a server, application and file level. Our experts will be there to support you every step of the way.

Encryption​ Security

Managed Encryption

Encryption acts as a second, important line of defence against hackers. If a hacker does find a way to access your computer, they will only see encrypted data - they will not be able to read your sensitive information.

eXpd8 manages and monitors encryption for your endpoints, ensuring that your system is protected at all times.

wifi as a service

WiFi as a Service

Nowadays, WiFi is as necessary to businesses as electricity or running water.

Our engineers will install high quality WiFi that suits your budget, monitor quality of service and support you if the level of connectivity drops for any reason.

Remote Access

Managed Remote Access

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular.

Managed remote access allows you to give employees the flexibility they are looking for, which ensuring that files are protected and accessed securely.

eXpd8 IT Audit

Take your first step towards peace of mind with our comprehensive assessment.

Our experienced Consulting Team do not just pick from a ‘list’ of solutions. Instead, they will use eXpd8’s proprietary assessment methodology to understand your IT environment in detail and suggest changes that will protect, enhance and provide meaningful change for your business. 

Your Consultant will explain your options without jargon or confusing terms and provide advice you can trust. Recommendations will always be tailored to your business size, structure and needs.

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