Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Managed IT solutions to keep you creating, building and transporting.

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Managed IT Services for Manufacturing
Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Comprehensive, practical and secure. With eXpd8 managing your IT infrastructure, your focus can stay where it should be – serving clients and growing your manufacturing business.

Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security

Ensure that client and other sensitive data is fully protected, whilst ensuring staff have the tools they need to succeed. See the full details of our Managed IT Security Package.

case management

Case Management

Help your business to be more productive and more profitable with our expertly designed case management solutions for cloud or on-premises.

Managed Office 365

Managed Office 365

Leverage the power of Office 365 technology for your manufacturing business with our managed solutions, expert installation and seamless migrations.

Online Back Up

Managed Online Back-up

eXpd8 will set up, monitor and maintain your online back-ups to either our server-based or cloud back-up solutions. Protect yourself from unexpected data loss.

digital dictation

Digital Dictation

Managed digital dictation solutions allow you to save time and work more efficiently. eXpd8 support your devices and ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and with minimal impact on the business.

eXpd8 IT Audit for Manufacturing

Take your first step towards peace of mind with our comprehensive assessment.

Our experienced Consulting Team do not just pick from a ‘list’ of solutions. Instead, they will use eXpd8’s proprietary assessment methodology to understand your IT environment in detail and suggest changes that will protect, enhance and provide meaningful change for your manufacturing organisation. 

Your Consultant will explain your options without jargon or confusing terms and provide advice you can trust. Recommendations will always be tailored to your business size, structure and needs.

IT solutions for manufacturing

What Makes Us Different?

What does this mean at eXpd8?

Firstly, it means that we don’t wait for you to come to us with an issue. We continuously monitor your manufacturing system – fixing many potential problems before or as soon as they occur. Our consulting team will also give you regular advice on how to optimise your manufacturing system, based on site-specific  learnings.

Secondly, it means that our research team is constantly scanning the market for new threats and new technology designed to deal with these threats. This means that you will never be behind the curve when it comes to best-practice technology. Trust eXpd8 to keep your manufacturing business safe and help you optimise your IT functionality. 

Every member of our Sales Team started their career in a IT technical or support role. This means that they have a deep understanding of IT infrastructure and can design a solution specifically for your manufacturing organisation. They go beyond the role of salesperson and become a trusted adviser to your business.

Our Support Desk team are highly qualified across hardware, software, servers, security and Microsoft implementation. They have a justified reputation within the manufacturing industry for high levels of customer service and quality of care.


eXpd8’s staff are trained to understand an IT system as an entity – not just as components.

Instead of fixing issues, they provide long term solutions that will keep your manufacturing’s IT systems healthy and safe. These solutions are entirely customised around your office environment – physical infrastructure, flexible working requirements, manufacturing policies and more.

eXpd8 conduct regular market research on current issues facing the IT industry and the solutions which are evolving to combat them.

eXpd8 selects the highest quality products to work in partnership with and ensures that our clients always have the most up-to-date solutions.


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