Digital Dictation

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Digital Dictation

Digital dictation helps law firms and other professional services firms to become more efficient. Dictations can be recorded onto your computer or other mobile device and send to anyone in the company for typing.

eXpd8 has selected Olympus as our partner of choice for digital dictation, due to their high quality solutions designed for flexible working. 

Olympus DS-9500

 Intelligent, secure digital dictation unit with flexible, fast sharing.
  • Two microphones ensure flawless speech quality in every situation.
  • Different settings depending on the environment – quiet, noisy and conference modes.
  • Share dictations via WiFi to your chosen email recipients. Allowing you the flexibility to work whilst on the move, at home or with clients.
  • AES 256-bit encryption provides high standard data security. 
  • A security pin also protects your data from unauthorised access.
  • See the status of your files at a glance and know when transcriptions have been completed. 
  • Olympus tests have confirmed that the DS-9500 continues working when falling off a desk and survived the tests without any impairments. (Drop-tested up to 1.5m).
  • The coating is alcohol-resistant, allowing you to clean the device hygienically.
Digital Dictation Olympus DS-9500​
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Olympus AS-9000

Efficient transcription device that fits around the way your typists operate.

  •  Professional transcription software suitable for Windows and Macs.
  • Configurable and ergonomic HID footswitch, for easy control of transcription software. Designed to suit any shoe size.
  • The footswitch comes with a durable 2.5m USB cable.
  • Comfortable under-the-chin headphones with speech optimised sound quality.
  • Virtual environments with Windows and Citrix supported in order to keep IT infrastructure costs low. 
  • eXpd8 can integrate your Olympus Software with Dragon Speech Recognition for automated transcription.

Why Choose eXpd8

  • We have been supporting lawyers and other professionals with dictation solutions for over 20 years. We can recommend the best solutions for your style of working and business needs. 
  • All of our sales team have technical IT experience. They can help optimise dictation set-up within your wider IT infrastructure – gaining operational efficiencies. 
  • Our support digital dictation solutions will ensure that your business is always fully operational. 
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