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An organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. eXpd8 offers two best-in-class practice management systems, giving you total control over how your data
is stored and managed. 


eXpd8 Software is a well-established and popular server-based brand within Ireland and worldwide, with over 800+ happy customers including SMEs, corporate departments and government bodies.

eXpd8 Software is known for its reliability and its user-friendliness. It is a solution that is intuitive and enjoyable to use for executives, project managers and support staff alike.


Affording law firms greater efficiency, LEAP is a fully integrated case management and accounting solution that helps streamline how lawyers manage every aspect of their matters.

In LEAP, eXpd8 has identified a trusted partner with longevity in the legal market and an unparalleled record for providing the most innovative cloud software solution to small and medium sized law firms.

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