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eXpd8 software is helping businesses collaborate and become more efficient for over twenty years.​

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An organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. eXpd8 offers two best-in-class practice management systems, giving you total control over how your data is stored and managed.

LEAP Cloud Software

Affording law firms greater efficiency, LEAP is a fully integrated case management and accounting solution that helps streamline how lawyers manage every aspect of their matters.

In LEAP, eXpd8 has identified a trusted partner with longevity in the legal market and an unparalleled record for providing the most innovative cloud software solution to small and medium sized law firms.

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eXpd8 Software is a well-established and popular server-based brand within Ireland and worldwide, with over 800+ happy customers including SMEs, corporate departments and government bodies.

eXpd8 Software is known for its reliability and its user-friendliness. It is a solution that is intuitive and enjoyable to use for executives, project managers and support staff alike.

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Core Features

File Management

Manage every step of your project, from initial enquiry to successful conclusion. Collaborate with team members and serve clients more effectively.


All of your company's contacts in one easy-to-find place. Helping you to manage clients and prospects as a team.

Document Templates

No more copying and pasting - design a template and it will auto-fill the correct information from your file. Create important documents within seconds!

Emails, Documents and Scans

Drag and drop from Microsoft Office to store all relevant items on your file.
With the eXpd8 Scan Watcher, seamlessly allocate scanned items to relevant files.

Workflow Management

Never miss another deadline with calendar-based alerts for key dates.

Time & Billing

Record time against all activities on your file and turn these into bills. Make every billable second count.


Understand how your firm, department and team are doing with comprehensive file-based reports.

Accounts Integration

eXpd8 Accounts is our fully integrated accounting package. Easy-to-use billing software with transactional history, expense tracking, reporting and cheque requisitions.

Running a Brief (Legal)

Organise your documents by type and just click a button. We will create a table of contents, paginate the document and deliver a brief that's ready for action.

About eXpd8 Software


eXpd8 Software is the trusted solution that has powered over 800+ professional services firms and government bodies for over 20 years. It allows business leaders to manage cases effectively and better support clients. 

eXpd8 Software is specifically designed for reliability and ease of use, and is one of the most user-friendly systems available. The intuitive interface allows professionals and support staff to work together with just a few simple clicks. 

eXpd8 Software is particularly relevant for companies and government bodies who wish to keep full in-house control over their valuable data, without compromising on quality and functionality.

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eXpd8 Software is the trusted solution that has powered Irish professional services firms and government bodies for over 20 years. It allows business leaders to manage cases effectively and better support clients.

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